Electoral Roll Search

Electoral Roll Search are freely available on the internet but which ones are the best ones for finding people you have lost touch with? PeopleSearch-UK have now teamed up with FinderMonkey to provide one of the most comprehensive Electoral Roll Searches in the UK.

Electoral Roll Search

Electoral Roll – What you need to know
Did you know that the Electoral Roll is now edited? and that a 2010 it will have less than half the records that a 2003 electoral roll search would have had? Since 2003 the electoral register has had a opt out section allowing people to remove themselves from the part of the electoral roll register that is sold to people find companies. Saying that an this kind of search is still one of the best methods for locating people in the UK.

So how can you use an electoral roll search effectively whilst negating the fact that it is now edited? The simplest way to use the electoral roll effectively is to use a company that can search back through all the electoral rolls back to 1994. There are not many that can do this so it is really worth researching and finding one that can perform this search for you or alternatively allows you to access these records back to 1994. One of the best with the most accurate data and a safe secure site is 192.com, you can go directly to their site by clicking the advert to the left of this page, they are the best.

People do move after they have filled their Electoral Register in but you would be surprised how many professional people search companies still rely on an electoral roll search as part of their investigation to find a person quickly and discreetly. Do remember though a professional people search company would only use the the electoral roll as PART of the people search investigation not as a method to find a person entirely, we suggest that you do the same, to help you with your own people search research, add an electoral roll search to the other people search tips contained within this site and you will be arming yourself for finding a person quickly and for less than five pounds.

Electoral Roll Searches should only be used as part of your tactics to locate someone and should not be relied on fully.

You can read our article on finding people absolutely free if you want to try some other things first. Electoral Roll Searches are the quickest way to help you find a person in the UK.

Good luck with your Electoral Roll Search