Find Old Workmates

To find old workmates you used to work with is not always easy, what can happen is you can strike up a close friendship within the confides of work but not know much about the person outside of work, this can make it difficult when the person leaves and you realise that you want to keep in touch but don’t know much about your now ex workmates life outside of work, so how can you find them.

Well there are certain things you can do, the main one is to ask around your work, see if anyone knows where they live or has a contact number for them, and also ask around if anyone knows where they have moved on to or if anyone is already friends with them on Facebook, MySpace or any other social networking site. If no one you work with is friends with them on line, it may be worth checking these sites yourself.

If you know which village or town the workmate lives in then you may want to try heading down to the council offices of that town and looking through the electoral roll, this is a great way to find anybody and one that should always be done.

Stick around and have a look at the rest of the site, there are plenty of people search tips and advice.

Good luck in your quest to find old workmates