How to Find Land Owners

How do you Find Land Owners?

Finding Land Owners can be a difficult task. There are two kinds of land, registered and unregistered. Here we have a look at what you can do to learn how to find land owners but if you need a specialist service you could try who find owners of unregistered land in the UK.

Registered Land

Land that is registered is registered with the Land Registry so a simple Land Registry Search can be performed to ascertain the owner of the land and when the land was purchased. This is a simple people search method and one that is frequently used to locate people as Land Registry documents are kept up to date. They can also be used to ascertain the owners of a property too.

Unregistered Land

Unregistered land is simply land that is not registered with Land Registry; this means it is much, much harder to locate the owners of the land as the only proof of ownership will be with the owner. To find the owners of unregistered land is a very difficult people search to perform yourself but it can be very rewarding if you use your skills as a people finder to trace the owner. Make sure you read through our People Search tips as these will give you some good pointers to get you started and show you how to find land owners.

Despite the Land registry being in existence for over 70 years over 40% of land in England and Wales is still not registered. So if you need to know who owns an unregistered piece of land, what can you do to learn how to find land owners?

You must perform your own searches so check out our People Search Guide to look for methods of finding people. You would also be advised to speak to local people and see if anyone knows who owns the land. There are companies that specialise in finding the owners of unregistered land and these must be considered as they can usually find the land owner quickly and discreetly, expect to pay around £100 for this service though. How to find land owners is difficult but it can be done.

We hope we have helped you learn how to find land owners