How to Find People

How to Find People is the common theme that runs through the questions that we deal with as professional trace agents. The very next question is often, what are your secrets to finding people in a professional capacity?

This guide gives you a quick sneaky peak at the secrets and resources used by experienced Trace Agents. The very first thing to understand is that you, as a determined and resourceful human being can locate a person yourself. We just need to give you a few pointers to get you started.

Secret 1 – Delight in Your Diligence

Write down absolutely everything you know about the person you are trying to find. It will amaze you how many seemingly random bits of detail eventually become leads in a people finding investigation. So not only the basics like name and surname, probe your memory for a middle name and for any interests that they have. This is particularly important when using social networking media to locate someone as it will help you identify potential search matches where no photograph of that person is available. For example, knowing the bands and films that a person likes will help you better identify the right person on Facebook where there are multiple matches for your name search.

Secret 2 – Some People Want to Be Found

If you haven’t searched on social networking sites then there is a big gap in your search strategy. The phenomenal growth of Facebook and other social networking sites is because people want to be found and want to communicate with existing friends and relatives as well as old friends and relatives. There are specific groups set up on all of these social networking sites for people trying to re-connect with old friends, family and colleagues, these range from school groups through to corporate organisations. So if you want to find people you have lost touch with join the social networking revolution, better than that, searches are FREE!

Other sites of interest are:

General: Bebo, Friends Re-united, Twitter, LinkedIN and MySpace

There are also specialist occupational websites out there, for example Forces Re-United which can be searched for free with only the need to register.

Secret 3 – Use Free or Low Cost Online Facilities

Many databases used by People Finder specialists are now easily accessible online for public use. Poring over dusty books is very much a thing of the past. With a computer and a small payment, you can through your computer get access to electoral roll searches, company director searches, bankruptcy searches, telephone number searches and address searches. offer all of these services in one place for even greater convenience.

Secret 4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even professional researchers come up against a brick wall on occasions. It’s then that we put our heads together to find an answer for our customers. There is no reason why you can’t do the same. FinderMonkey is a UK based People Finder company based in Leeds and you can call us on 0113 2825900. We will provide you with advice or alternatively pick up the search where you left off. We can use our secret secrets to find a person that you have lost touch with for highly competitive price of £49.99. Most importantly, we only charge you WHEN WE FIND a new residential address.

We hope that sharing some of these secrets has helped you advance your people search. Use all of these insider tips to find the service which is most appropriate to your needs. Good luck with your search, we hope we have helped you to understand from professional researchers how to find people.

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